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Sage 50 Payroll

Sage 50 Payroll is the UK's market-leading payroll software for small to medium-sized businesses.

Key features include:

  • HMRC accreditation: Calculations meet the latest legislation requirements for accurate calculations of tax and National Insurance.
  • Improved calculations for extra pay: Automate extra payments for your staff and reduce the time you spend calculating double time, tax-free payments, percentage bonuses and extra pay.
  • Microsoft® Integration: Sage 50 Payroll offers Excel Integrated Reporting, which lets you access and analyse your payroll data using Microsoft Excel.
  • Choice of payment frequency: Pay staff on whatever basis you choose and cater for multiple payroll intervals.
  • Extra time at Payroll Year End: Sage 50 Payroll allows you to install your new tax year update and continue to process your new payroll tax year.
  • e-Banking: Lets you instruct payments for both employees and HMRC to your internet banking services from your software.*  
  • Management reporting: Store and print copies of statutory reports for up to seven years and run payroll reports by Financial Year, rather than by the payroll tax year.
  • Track changes: Monitor changes and access the information you need when creating reports or preparing for audits and HMRC inspections.
  • Online submissions: A secure mailbox lets you to send and receive information from HMRC electronically.

* All Barclays Business Manager customers receive free e-banking for as long as they subscribe.